Shanghai lab crafts fake pork dumplings

Shanghai lab crafts fake pork dumplings

Imagine a place where scientists create delicious foods using special magic! In Shanghai Lab, China, there’s a three-story lab that does just that. Dr. Dong-Fang Chen and his team of scientists work there, making food taste super yummy.

Shanghai Lab Dr. Dong-Fang Chen’s Superpower

Dr. Chen is like a superhero scientist. He learned amazing things about plants and food at a big school called Cambridge. After that, he worked at a place called AstraZeneca. Now, he helps people make tasty food at the lab in Shanghai.

Shanghai lab crafts fake pork dumplings

Shanghai Lab A Swiss Magic Company

Have you ever heard of a company that creates flavors and smells? It’s like when you sniff flowers or delicious cookies. This special company is called Firmenich, and it’s from a faraway place called Switzerland. Dr. Chen is like the leader of a group of magic-makers in Asia-Pacific for this company.

Shanghai Lab Making Meat-Free Dumplings

Imagine if you could eat dumplings without any meat inside – just yummy plant stuff! That’s what Dr. Chen’s team helps people do. They make meat-free dumplings taste so good that you might not even miss the meat.

Shanghai Lab Helping Big Businesses

Do you know some of the biggest businesses in the world? Well, Dr. Chen’s company helps them make their foods better. It’s like having a secret recipe to make everything taste amazing, from food to things like clothes and beauty stuff.

Beyond Meat’s Big Plan

Have you heard of Beyond Meat? They make plant-based proteins, like burgers that taste like magic! They are now coming to China, and Dr. Chen’s team might help make their plant-based foods even more delicious for kids and grown-ups to enjoy.

Magical Online Store

Picture this – a special store on the internet where you can buy yummy plant-based food. Beyond Meat is doing just that with the help of an online store in China. You can order tasty things, and they’ll come to your home!

Friends with Big Companies

Dr. Chen’s team has many friends in big companies around the world. These companies make your favorite foods and even things you use at home. It’s like they have a food and smell club, and Dr. Chen is the leader!

Making Food Dreams Come True

Imagine telling Dr. Chen that you wish your food tasted even better. His team would work their magic to make your food dreams come true. They make sure everything, from burgers to ice cream, is extra delicious.

The Taste and Texture Masters

Have you ever thought about why your favorite burger or ice cream feels a certain way in your mouth? Dr. Chen’s team thinks about this all the time. They are like taste and texture masters, making sure everything feels just right.

The Yummy Future

Thanks to Dr. Chen and his team, the future is going to be even yummier. You might get to eat foods that taste amazing and are good for the planet too. It’s like a food adventure led by superhero scientists!